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6 Pack Mini Aroma Pod - Diffuser
6 Pack Mini Aroma Pod - Diffuser

6 Pack Mini Aroma Pod - Diffuser

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If you want a bulk-buy discount we now offer a 6 pack of Mini Aroma Pods.

Smartly packed in a special edition Australiana box.

About the Aroma Pods:

Widely known as the BEST natural diffuser available today!

Why?  The Banksia Grandis seed pod (the material from which they are made) is particularly porous, it soaks up your essential oil and slowly releases the aroma through its pores.  No flames and no electricity.  Each one is completely different to the last and can be filled with any oil you like.

Your aroma pod comes pre-tested and filled with our very own high quality Pure Australian Eucalyptus oil.

For more information on Aroma Pods please see our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page



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