Bubble Phalaenopsis Orchid

Bubble Phalaenopsis Orchid

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The arrangement comes with a narrow neck bubble vase and is ready to ship.

Estil Home x Forever in Flower Collaboration

A special collection of dried, preserved and handmade paper flowers

A gorgeous mixed arrangement utilising Brown, Ivory, dusty pinks and Natural tones.

This arrangement features a Paper Phalaenopsis bloom, preserved Hydrangea, preserved Ming, dried Hydrangea, small Sola flowers and teasel.

Measuring approx - 35cm tall when in the pot provided.

These flowers and foliage will change over time but the essence of their beauty will remain.


Paper flowers are a form of art. They take skill, patience, precision and most of all time to perfect. The beauty of my flowers is that they embrace various artistic mediums and techniques to create endless floral possibilities. 

All my flowers and foliage are completely handmade. Each design starts as a simple sheet of white paper. It is then thoughtfully hand-painted to achieve a realistic look and unique finish (unmatched by store-bought papers). I predominantly rely on my trusty scissors to hand-cut all elements, however, with the exception of more complex designs being machine cut for a finer finish. Extra details are often added to convey a realistic quality. Whether it is adding delicate embossed veins or additional coloured details, no opportunity for perfection goes amiss. Each petal or leaf is then meticulously hand shaped and assembled to create a piece that is ultimately unique in every way. 

The materials include: 

  • hand-painted printer paper - petals
  • crepe paper - flower centre (eg Cosmos) stems and sepals
  • florist wire 
  • cotton wool - flower centres (eg Flannel Flower, daisy and anthurium)
  • acrylic and watercolour paint - flower centre and extra coloured details
  • pan pastels - extra coloured details (eg. pink orchid centre) 
  • hot glue and hobby glue 

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