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Lime Pure Essential Oil
Lime Pure Essential Oil

Lime Pure Essential Oil

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size: 10ml / 0.30fl.oz

Botanical nameCitrus aurantifolia (lime) oil
Source: Mexico

The clean fresh scent of lime essential oil is uplifting and energising. A disinfectant and anti-viral, lime can be used for cleaning surfaces and diffused to prevent cold and flu pathogens from spreading in the air. A decongestant to help clear the sinuses may also be useful for lymphatic congestion and water retention.

Key benefits:
- Mentally stimulating
- Clears sinuses
- Antiviral and disinfectant
- Supports digestive health
- Great for oily skin
  • Diffuser: Add 6-8 drops to your diffuser.

    Massage: As lime can be irritating to the skin use up to 1% dilution; no more than 20 drops per 100mls carrier oil.

    Bath: Add up to 5 drops, in a dispersant such as oil, to the bath.

    Hand or foot bath: Add 2 drops of essential oil to a bowl of water. For inflammation consider using cold/ room temperature water. For aches and tight muscles use warm/ hot water

    Steam treatment (face and respiratory system) add 2 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming hot water. Caution due to risk of burns or scalding.

    Compress: to a bowl of water add 2 drops of essential oil. For treating inflammation or to cool down use cold to room temperature water, for aching tight muscles use warm to hot water. Agitate a face washer in the water, wring out excess moisture and apply washer to the affected area, repeat two or three times as the compress cools down or warms up.

    Blends well with: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Mandarin, Neroli, Orange, Palmarosa, Petitgrain, Rose, Ylang ylang

    Lime essential oil may cause phototoxicity after it is applied to the skin. It is safer to diffuse the oil during the day or avoid sunlight for 12 hours after skin application. May cause irritation to the skin.
  • Skin & Hair: May help combat excess oil production, particularly helpful for teenage skin.

    May assist with detoxifying the system. A good digestive stimulant for appetite loss.

    Stimulating and great for refreshing a tired mind.
  • Citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil.


Sun Exposure Warning

If applying citrus essential oils or blends that contain citrus topically avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours as they may cause photosensitivity

Is this safe for use during pregnancy?
Use this oil with care, best used in a diffuser or diluted with a carrier oil (1% ratio). Avoid using essential oils during the first trimester unless you are under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

Is this safe for children?
We do not recommend the use of essential oils for children under 3 months, after 3 months use small amounts in a diffuser or for massage use a 1% dilution ratio in a carrier oil

Is this safe to use around pets?
This essential oil is not recommended for use around pets

Can I ingest this oil?
Essential oils should not be taken internally unless you have consulted with a health professional or aromatherapist first


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