Antheia arrangement S

Antheia arrangement S

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Measuring approximately 20-30cm in height

An absolutely stunning combination of green, Ivory and natural flowers and foliage, dried or preserved.

Ready to ship Australia wide - Please allow 3 business days for dispatch.

Vessel included

See dried and preserved flower care here.

Dried flower bouquets are the perfect long-lasting alternative to fresh bouquets. While regular bouquets typically last no longer than one week, dried and preserved flowers leave a long-lasting impression — remaining perfectly styled for months and years, rather than days.

A beautiful floral bouquet can win your heart, and with preserved florals, there is no need to worry about a short lifespan. Dried flowers are low maintenance, meaning no water or care is required. The florals and foliage maintain an awe-inspiring style, shape, and colour for months to come, while gently and subtly changing with the seasons to provide a fascinating natural botanical statement piece for your home.

Preserved flower arrangements allow you to get more from your bouquet. With minimal fragrance, dried flowers provide welcome relief for allergy sufferers, and the long lasting nature of preserved florals means you can update your bouquet’s look with a simple new addition or swap of a vase.

Stylish and timeless, our Australian-made dried floral bouquets are perfect for gifting or displaying in your home, office, or event. Our secure eco-conscious packaging ensures each bouquet shows up perfectly arranged and ready to brighten a room.

No more expired-flowers heartbreak. Our bouquets are crafted to leave a long lasting, unforgettable impression on your home. Choose the arrangement that speaks to your style, and enjoy for months and years to come.


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I found this business looking through Pinterest and I have not found anyone do more beautiful arrangements! Fell in love looking at photos fell more in love when I received my first order, I had to order a second arrangement! And arrived from Sydney to Newcastle in perfect condition. ❤️



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