Hanging a floral wreath

Hanging your wreath 

The methods we use to hang wreaths:

  1. Wall Nail or two touched up with your wall paint or decorative hook.

  1. Clear mounting tape ( such as gorilla or scotch from bunnings) to distribute weight evenly and back up that little disguised wall nail. (clear tape should be used on the raw hoop - not on the taped foliage as when removing the wreath you may pull the design off with it.)
  2. If you have a fully covered wreath you can use a 3M command hook as it will be hidden under the foliage but for wreaths that are not entirely covered we prefer to utilise clear tape and wall nails.

Tip:     Dont want to see command hooks or nails?  Try mounting the hooks further up the wall under your cornice out of your line of sight - then use fishing line to hang the wreath and clear mounting tape to reinforce the hold. You can also use a ribbon to conceal the hook if you dont want to mount it higher.

Hanging tips

First, consider what type of wall you are working with: is it solid stone or brick or cavity (ie, a much thinner wall with a cavity for pipes and wires behind it.)

Stone or Brick walls

  • Hammer drill 
  • Nail in a plastic anchor
  • Drill a hole of corresponding size in the wall. 
  • Hammer in the nail (with anchor). 

Note: Never drill above or below light switches or plug sockets, where electric cables may be concealed. Use an electronic tester to check before drilling.

Cavity walls and plasterboard

Ensure you are drilling in a section that does not risk hitting any pipes or electric cables - Use an electronic tester to make sure it is safe.

Locating a timber

  1. Tap on the wall - there will be a more hollow sound between timbers. Note also that the vertical timbers are regularly spaced, starting at the two edges of each wall. You can also use an electronic stud finder to help with this.
  2. Hammer nail into Stud

No Timber?  No worries...

There are some ingenious screw-related devices to get around this problem such as a rotor plug, a spring toggle or a hollow wall anchor

 One word of warning, though: once in, these are hard to get out again, so make sure you put them right where you want them. Have a look at your local hardware and make sure the weight rating is atleast 5kg.





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